There is not another boat that will push you across open windy bays quite like the SCB S-22. Racing by design with a large deck layout. The unsinkable air-entrapment-stepped hull is sculpted perfectly into a shallow water fishing machine. This craft was made to run long distances at top speeds with amazing fuel economy. The SCB S-22 will navigate shallow flats and dominate in open choppy waters.

Build your S22

Custom Fit & Finish

With hundreds of different options and color combinations, the SCB S22 can be configured to suit the needs of any serious angler.

Ample Storage

Sealed composite hatches and live wells with stainless friction hinges and cam-lock latches throughout

  • 1200lbsdry weight
  • 8" Drafton plane
  • 12" Draftat rest
  • 16" Hole Shotapprox.
  • 50galfuel capacity
  • 250hprecommended HP
  • 5 Personmaximum capacity

Start building your S22

Build and price a custom SCB boat with any option, color, and motor you want and send to your SCB dealer for exclusive discounts and offers.

Build Your S22
Start building your S22