1. How can I find my nearest SCB dealer?
    Go to the dealer locator on our web site and see all of our dealers listed along with full contact information for each of them.
  2. Can I buy a boat directly from SCB?
    SCB Boats are only sold through authorized dealers. Check out our dealer locator to find a dealer near you.
  3. Should I leave my tank full of gas?
    When it comes to this issue, you can find arguments that go both ways. The bottom line? You should always stabilize the fuel to avoid residue buildup that clogs carburetors and fuel injectors.
  4. How do I choose the appropriate prop for my boat/engine?
    There are several guidelines to follow when selecting the best prop for your boat/engine. Elevation and other environmental elements can affect your boat/engine’s performance. Be sure to consult your local dealer when selecting a prop to ensure it’s the best option for your circumstances.
  5. I lost my ignition keys. How can I replace them?
    To replace your engine ignition key, get the engine serial number and contact your nearest authorized Shallow Sport dealer directly.
  6. Does warranty work need to be completed at the dealership I bought my boat from?
    No. You may have any necessary warranty work done at any authorized SCB dealer in your area or contact SCB Boats directly at 956-233-9489.
  7. Can I order parts and accessories without having to drive to my local dealership?
    Yes. All parts can be ordered through your local SCB dealer and shipped to your home. Make all necessary arrangements with your preferred dealer.
  8. Can I trade my current SCB Boat for a new one?
    Many of our dealers accept trades when customers are upgrading their boat. Work with your local dealer to determine if they accept trades, and establish the current value of your SCB or visit nada.com to find the value of your SCB Boat.
  9. Where can I find specifications about my SCB Boat?
    Specification for your SCB can be found on our website. Just choose the boat model and size you are looking for and view the specifications along with options for that model.
  10. Where are SCB Boats manufactured?
    Near South Padre Island, Texas.
  11. Where can I get a SCB catalog?
    You can download a catalog on our website here.
  12. Where can I find more information on SCB Pro Team Members?
    You can visit our Pro Team Page here on our website to learn more about members.